Zubi is a family brand founded in 2012 in Madrid by the sisters Elena and Mercedes Zubizarreta. Our collections are inspired by the places we explore around the world and the designs arise from anything that awakens our passion, our love and our senses, such as a landscape, a smell or simply a color.
We design thinking of a woman who works, studies and has her own family, but still wants to give a special something to her everyday looks. Each design has the shape and the intention to become the best piece of your wardrobe. When you start wearing one of our designs, with their beautiful colors and incredible lightness and versatility, you will no longer want to use any other.
Our starting point, which was a cotton handbag with a printed photo of a landscape taken by us, has become our most iconic product, commonly called by its fans “a zubi” .
In addition, each piece is unique because it is handmade in Spain by the best craftsmen and for our customers is more than a product. It’s an experience, a memory that travels with them. We manufacture sustainably, little by little, being very conscious to minimize surplus at every step. So our collections are limited and make you feel unique.