We are Jade and Ben. Two travelers with a shared love and respect for this planet we call earth. Two Parisians whose desire to experience diverse cultures and the freedom to explore and travel the world has led us here, to beautiful Bali. It is now the place we call home. Jade’s deep affection for animals, her “passion for fashion”and the bohemian lifestyle, merged with Benoit’s respect for the environment and experience as a project manager, are a perfect combination. They bring together their diverse experiences and knowledge to create a new life. The artist in Jade is now reflected in Ben’s photography, while Benoit’s concern and regard for the natural world is echoed in Jade’s selection of fabrics and her approach to sustainable fashion.

Welcome to Poppy Field the label

Influenced by the world of Parisian fashion fused with their joy of travel, Jade and Benoit’s desire to create their own unique fashion brand, PoppyField the label, embodies their bohemian lifestyle and creative pursuits. Jade’s designs personify her down-to-earth elegance; feminine, soft, sexy, free and relaxed. Benoit’s business back ground grounds the company while his photographs capture the beauty, grace and essence of Jade’s creations. We recognize sustainability is not just a fashion, but a lifestyle. Our limited collections at Poppy Field the label are made using carefully selected, natural, organic materials. All must be clearly labeled as ethical and sustainable before we make the first stitch. We are focused on the preservation of our environment, constantly seeking new materials that are more and more eco-friendly. We are two young entrepreneurs who have embraced the boho lifestyle, combining our respect for the environment, with imagination, appreciation and a “passion for fashion”. Our shared values of community and sustainability; our freedom to explore and our continuing travels inspire us and we hope, inspire you as well. Jade and Benoit, we are Poppy Field the label.