8PM was born in January 2009 from the passion and dedication of a team of designers for couture, precious materials, refined volumes and the art of tailoring, as well as the focus to create wearable everyday clothing, comfortable and approachable for everyone without losing elegance and creativity. An Italian brand of women’s clothing with an evocative name: the moment of the day when you go from duty to pleasure, from formal to informal; two worlds come together in the philosophy of the collection to offer an expressive yet comfortable total look, enjoyable 24 hours a day. A mood that is well expressed by sophisticated yet wearable garments, easy and cool to wear for their boho style, casual but edgy, with some hints of “stars and stripes” street style. Fleece, the casual par excellence fabric, versatile and workable, is the key of the collection. It is transformed with a touch of couture and combined with precious materials such as silk, wool and leather for refined and feminine garments. The inspiration is drawn from vintage archives for volumes and fits, sometimes recycling authentic vintage reworked pieces in the collection. Color is used without ever abusing it, with fashion and sophisticated inputs, obtained through innovative and researched treatments.​